Terms and Conditions

EurekaPro Exchange


In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise indicated :

Eligibility Opening an Account Verifying your identity Funding your EurekaPro accounts Funding your crypto accounts Your EurekaPro Accounts Buying and selling crypto assets Limits Refunds


Making a withdrawal from your fiat accounts Making a withdrawal from your crypto accounts Transferring Funds Referral commission Prohibited Activities Suspension


The termination or expiry of the Services shall not affect any rights or liabilities of the parties already accrued, except to the extent necessary, and these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply.

Termination by You

You can cancel your EurekaPro account and request to stop using the Services at any time by emailing us at hello@eurekapro.com. You should withdraw your balances prior to deleting your account. When you delete your account, you’ll lose the ability to earn and you’ll have any of your pending orders deleted. Deleting your account will not affect any rights and obligations incurred prior to the date of you deleting your account.

Termination by Us Warranties, Indemnities and Liability Risk Warning

You agree that the services provided on EurekaPro do not constitute an offer of securities or solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction. None of the information provided should be considered an invitation or inducement to engage in any sort of investment activity. You agree and acknowledge that the tokens listed in EurekaPro do not constitute shares or equities or securities or financial instruments or investments in any form in any jurisdiction. In addition, you acknowledge the following:

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